Sunday, November 29, 2015

What a busy week end. Thanksgiving was so much fun. WE picked up my Husband's Aunt at the Nursing Home (She is 97 years old AND SHE STILL HAND STITCHES AND QUILTS)  and brought her over. We had a ton of fun a 3 year old and a 97 year old playing go fish WHO KNEW it could be so much fun. :) We also played "Army Men" and built towns for the army men to "HIDE IN"

Then on Sat. we baked cookies and celebrated my Oldest Daughter's 32nd Birthday party. Baking with a 3 year old has it's challenges but we all had fun and the cookies all got baked so that worked out well too. We did cut out cookies for Jace to decorate, he ate 3 cookies before he frosted them because "YOU CAN'T EAT THE PAINT GRANDMA" LOL. We explained that it wasn't real paint and he could eat them once they were frosted so all was good.  Birthday Dinner went over well too. Home made Lasagna, 7 layer salad and Cheesy Garlic bread for Dinner and Dairy Queen Cake for dessert.

So cookies are all baked, Fudge, Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies, Amish Sugar Cookies, Spritz Cookies and Sugar Cut Out Cookies frosted.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Well so much for any more of our nice fall weather. Think we have about 6" of snow on the ground. It is supposed to warm up the beginning of next week so hopefully it will all be gone shortly.

It was the yearly craft fair in our little town so I ventured out to check it out. Came home with some tupperware microwaveable plates for my Grandson and then I worked on my fauxbonichi planner/calendar some more and got a few pages done.  Wishing I had something original in the crock pot or oven for supper but thinking it will be grilled ham and cheese tonight. Fast, easy and MMMM GOOD.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

So they (the weather people) are forecasting 2"-6" of snow. I just want the rest of fall/winter to be like this :). Love my Maple tree in my back yard. Now all the leaves are gone, some raked up, most blown away with all this wind we have been having lately. We really can't complain about the fall we have had so a little snow won't be bad as long as it melts. :)

Today I am planning on working on my planner/calendar for 2016. Glamming it up a little and adding the calendar. Not sure if I will do the whole year at one time or if I will do it month by month. Thinking Month by Month might be easier to keep up with.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Today is my oldest Daughter's 32nd Birthday~~~~~~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLEY~~~~~~~~~and we went goofing around this afternoon. She is pregnant and looking for something to wear for maternity pictures. I remember when I was pregnant for her I would have NEVER THOUGHT OF MATERNITY PICTURES~~~~~~~~~mostly I wanted to hide. LOL Things are different now. The photo is of Lesley, her Nephew (Kelsey's little boy) Jace who is 3 and her Niece (Kendra's little girl) Piper who is now a year. This will be Lesley's first baby. Soon I will be Grandma to 3 precious little Grandbabies :) SOOO MUCH FUN.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Jeez, who ever said retirement was relaxing? LOL. Seems I am much more busy now than I ever was when I worked 50 hours a week. I babysit for my Grandson Jace (3 years old) and one of my Daughters (Lesley the oldest) is pregnant and going to have a baby (Sex unknown YAY) in February. SO much fun.

I have been quilting too. I think I have gotten 4-5 quilts done in the past couple of months. Also FUN.

I decided I would do something a little different in 2016 since I can NEVER FIND A CALENDAR that works for how I want to use it. I am making my own.

And I have been making Christmas Cards. I made 25 last night. Toni ( A girlfriend of mine) lives outside of Milwaukee and she is going to a Holiday Market next week. She is sweet enough to sell my Christmas Cards at the Market for me.

All that being said, here are some pics of quilts and quilt blocks, planner (still a WIP), and some of my Christmas Cards. :) Think I am ALL CAUGHT UP on blog posts now :) Well for the time being. This is what happens when you don't attend to your blog for months at a time. LOL.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Some New Projects

1st one is Spirit, 2nd one is Attitude, 3rd one is Hope, I am working on 5 more. Hoping to have them done tomorrow. Love the way they are turning out. 5"x7" art pieces for a friend. SO MUCH FUN

Monday, May 18, 2015

A Day Late but yesterday was Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day) and a big holiday here in Wisconsin. I got asked to ride on the Sons of Norway Float but passed up the chance :(. Too much other stuff going on.

Trying to get my yard in shape and the weather isn't co operating very well. Also wanna get the geraniums and baby's breath planted in pots to take out to the cemetery in time for Memorial day but again the weather isn't co operating. It is supposed to get down in the 30's tonight and colder tomorrow night so thinking I will wait until later in the week to plant them then take them out to the cemetery before the Memorial Day Services.

Also have been working on some papercrafting swaps that are coming due shortly, so things are busy around here.

I think that is about all my exciting news for now.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shopping, Eating, Chatting FAMILY FUN

had a fun day, farmers market, shopping, grilling out and sitting around with the Grandkids playing (LIFE IS GOOD) what more can you ask on a Saturday night.

The Girls bought me a new purse (That I got to pick out) some flowers from 1 800 flowers that are beautiful, an awesome crock and a really nice saying about "What My Mom taught me about being a Mom" and we are going out for brunch tomorrow. Should be fun. Hoping to get my porch furniture out of my shed but I can't do it by myself. It's about time for some FRONT PORCH SITTING but I need my couch out first. LOL.
I will post some pics of my new Mothers Day Presents tomorrow I hope.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Long TIme No Chat

It has been a busy time in my life. Seems like I am busy constantly but really don't know what I have been doing to keep myself so busy. If that makes any sense.

I have been working on my yard and flower beds this spring, it is an ongoing project but I LOVE playing outside when the weather is good. I am still working on the yard and getting my flowers all planted. I will post some more photos when I get done. The 1st and 2nd photos are my "Memory Garden" that I am working on for my Husband (Roger) who passed away in 2010 of Lung Cancer caused by Agent Orange in Viet Nam. He was a Master Gardener and there are Lupines back in that garden that are volunteers from when he planted the gardens. Bittersweet :) but so peaceful and calming to sit back there and relax.