Friday, May 8, 2015

Long TIme No Chat

It has been a busy time in my life. Seems like I am busy constantly but really don't know what I have been doing to keep myself so busy. If that makes any sense.

I have been working on my yard and flower beds this spring, it is an ongoing project but I LOVE playing outside when the weather is good. I am still working on the yard and getting my flowers all planted. I will post some more photos when I get done. The 1st and 2nd photos are my "Memory Garden" that I am working on for my Husband (Roger) who passed away in 2010 of Lung Cancer caused by Agent Orange in Viet Nam. He was a Master Gardener and there are Lupines back in that garden that are volunteers from when he planted the gardens. Bittersweet :) but so peaceful and calming to sit back there and relax.


  1. Your yard looks wonderful! I love the bottle tree!

  2. Thanks, I got it at a craft fair last year, looked long and hard for one that I liked. And I LOVE THAT ONE. Still working on bottles LOL. Every junk sale I go to I am looking for cool bottles. :)