Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is my Memorial Weekend Post

Hubby is a Proud Viet Nam Veteran and we are a patriotic family. We always make it to the Memorial Day Services at the Local Legion Hall, Hubby belongs to the Legion and we made it to LZ Lambeau (Wisconsin Viet Nam Veterans WELCOME HOME) last weekend. So my wish for this weekend is for everyone to remember the Veterans in your Life, your Town, your State, your Country. There is a saying and it is "We live Free because of THE BRAVE" I couldn't agree more.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Quilt To Share with Bloggers Quilt Festival

This is a family quilt, belonged to Hubby's Mom, she started it, never got it quite finished, so I rescued it (NO ONE ELSE IN THE FAMILY WANTED IT DO YOU BELIEVE THAT) took it to Hubby's Aunt (His Mom's Sister) who was 90 years old at the time and she and I finished it. She did most of the hand quilting, the quilt is totally hand stitched and hand quilted. I helped with the binding, so I can't say I "really" made it but I defnately saved it. So I claim dibs on it from now on. :) ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL. The fabric is old feedsacks from the 30's.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Palomino Pony

Just cut a little palomino Pony for the WOOL CRAZY BLOG, someone else gave away an angora bunny so I thought I would give away a Palomino Pony. Isn't she cute!!!!!!!!! Oc course she needs some "personal attention" like a saddle and maybe a bridle, and defiantely a mane and tail. SO FUN TO EMBELLISH!!!!

She is the same as the wool pony on my Wool Crazy Block. I couldn't find my leather otherwise I would have done a leather pony and named her Lacey (and give her some lace for a saddle, wouldn't that be cute!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

One of my latest Wool Projects WIP

This is one of my wool crazy quilt blocks that I am working on, there is a book Wool Crazy by Joann Mulally, check it out. if you like wool, applique and embroidery you will LOVE THIS BOOK. Tons of ideas, info. etc. This is my "Farm" block. I am still planning on adding some more appliques and some more embroidery on it but I thought I would share it with you to get your creative juices going. :)


I am giving away 3 seperate things to 3 different people. I am giving away some of my hand dyed wool.

First thing is a pin cushion kit and the second thing is a "Bundle" of 100% wool fabric, 3rd thing is some of my "Little Bundles".

I am sorry to say I can't do int'l shipping, wish I could afford to but I can't at this point, hopefully next giveaway day I will be able to.

I will pick a winner on May 21st (open til May 20th) by the best 3 answers  to these 3 questions. I am starting an etsy store so I am wondering

1: What influences you to visit an etsy store.

2: What influences you to buy from an etsy store.

3: Would you rather buy supplies or a ready made project IE: supplies to make a crazy quilt block or a crazy quilt block already made, supplies to make a small land scape quilt or a ready made land scape quilt, a kit for a pincushion or a ready made pin cushion.
Have fun on Giveaway Day!!!!!!!!!! And please come back and visit often. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

~~~~~~~GIVEAWAY DAY SOON~~~~~~~~~

Can't wait, got my giveaways all picked out and ready to pack up and mail. I am excited for it. Hope everyone enjoys Giveaway DAY!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


I am joining LOTS of other bloggers on May 17th for a HUGE Giveaway. Make sure to stop back and check it out. Still contemplating what to giveaway. Should be exciting whatever it is.