Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Palomino Pony

Just cut a little palomino Pony for the WOOL CRAZY BLOG, someone else gave away an angora bunny so I thought I would give away a Palomino Pony. Isn't she cute!!!!!!!!! Oc course she needs some "personal attention" like a saddle and maybe a bridle, and defiantely a mane and tail. SO FUN TO EMBELLISH!!!!

She is the same as the wool pony on my Wool Crazy Block. I couldn't find my leather otherwise I would have done a leather pony and named her Lacey (and give her some lace for a saddle, wouldn't that be cute!!!!!!!


  1. So glad I found your site. The pony is cute I look forward to reading your archives and learning a thing or two. We have wool skirts at the local Goodwill (my favorite store) can those be used?

  2. Yes, as long as they are 100% wool, I usually look for Pendleton, awesome colors and great weight to work with. Take them home, wash and dry them on HOT, take the lining, zipper, pleats, tucks, buttons, waistband, etc. out, cut the seams and VOILA, you have useable wool. :)Skirts are the least amount of work, and the biggest pieces of wool, try to find large sizes, full skirts, pencil skirts are alot of work and not much wool. Once you rip one apart you will figure out how much work you want to do on them. Enjoy it.