Monday, January 17, 2011


I got a new (well new to me but actually old) LOOM!!!!!! It is a Leclerc Mira and in awesome shape, I am hoping to weave placemats, mug rugs, and RUGS, RUGS, AND MORE RUGS!!!!! Everyone who knows me knows I have TONS OF SCRAP FABRIC so I am hoping to do rag rugs FOR EVERYONE I KNOW. so get your name in early and often. :) Honestly it should be alot of fun learning. I am taking some lessons (From Juanita Hofstrom who calls herself "Keeper of the Looms" and teaches in an old Methodist Church she bought)  in a few weeks if it isn't snowing because the lessons are across the state so keep your fingers crossed for me. :) Also a wonderful woman named Cate Owen is coming up next weekend to help me get it set up and show me how to get started. I am SOOO EXCITED, this will be a whole new learning experience for me. WISH ME LUCK ON MY NEW VENTURE.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Posts in ONE DAY ~~~~~~ WOW

So I just checked this giveaway out and thought I would join, so you go check it out too. QUICK before it ends.

Starting out the NEW YEAR with TONS OF IDEAS AND BOM's

So how is this for a start, anyone who has too much time on your hands, any one or all of these should keep you busy.

And then there is this website, I have fallen in love with her stuff.

Plan on ordering The Needleworker, making a few of the blocks for a wallhanging and coloring them in, and also LOVE THE Laundry Day wallhanging.

So if you are still bored, I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


2010 was a rough year for our family, we lost our Favorite Guy, my Husband, our Daughters Father, etc. he had lung cancer and couldn't fight any more, I always thought Roger would be here FOREVER, he was so stubborn and strong I never for one minute really thought we would lose him but we did, and it has been a long road to recovery and I am still on the journey but am POSITIVE THINGS WILL GET BETTER IN THE FUTURE. Everyone says it takes TIME, well that is something I have alot of now that I live in a 4 bedroom farm house, work full time but come home to an empty house every night. People keep asking me "Don't you want to move into town?" It wouldn't be any different in town, the house would still be empty, the only difference is I wouldn't be able to walk Dandy (our Rat Terrier) up the driveway and sob with my pajamas on in town. I wouldn't be able to walk out and see the sky and think Roger is up there taking care of me just like he always did. I walked out a couple of weeks ago and it was snowing (well it has been snowing for about a month now) but this particular night it was beautiful outside, and it reminded me of when our Girls were little and we would get out the sled and put  the Wooden Crate on the sled, get the Girls all dressed in their snow suits, hats, mittens, boots etc. load them into the crate, Lesley (The oldest in the back and Kelsey and Kendra in front of her) Roger would pull the sled and I would walk our dog, those nights were SOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! and as I was out there thinking about that a snowflake fell on my face and I am SURE IT WAS ROGER reminding me that I have to keep going and stay strong and that he only wants us to be happy.  I am slowly getting back to sewing, embroidering, applique etc. and I bought myself a new toy, something I have always wanted but never felt like I could afford it or had space for it, and I still can't afford it nor do I have space for it but this is an offer I couldn't turn down. I bought myself a 45" LaClerc Loom, from my Boss'es Wife, she wanted to buy a new loom (She has 3-4) and needed to sell one, she asked me if I was interested, I told her her looms were way out of my price range but she said " we can work something out" she has yet to tell me a price, but she offered to bring it over, set it up, show me how to work it, bring me all the tools I need and yarn to get me started. didn't think I would ever have an opportunity like this a gain so I said YES. Can't wait to get it. Then another wonderful thing happened, a quilty girlfriend of mine decided to rent a studio area and offered me a space for my loom in her studio. Well really I asked her if she had room but she said YES. So two good things so far this year, I have done a stitchery project that I finished and gave away for a Christmas present so here is a photo of it. Also took all Roger's jeans and shirts to the same girl that is renting the studio and she made the 3 Girls and I each a Rag Quilt, I found his patches from Viet Nam and she put 1 patch on each quilt along with a photo so I will include a photo of my quilt too. They were presents for the Girls for Christmas, I thought they must know I was having them made, but they were SURPRISED AND THRILLED, not a dry eye in the house when I passed out the quilts. :) So if I am missing in action it is probably because I am having a "Spell" or not feeling up to posting but I will try to be more regular about it from now on.