Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quilt, Play, Babysit, Quilt, Play, Babysit, that seems to be my life lately. I have gotten 3 tops done, 1 for a gift for my Tax Lady, 1 for a gift for a girlfriends anniversary and 1 was supposed to be a Linus Quilt but I was sick and didn't make it to Linus Day so decided to donate it to the Local Library Art Auction. FUN FUN FUN. This is a photo of the Library Donation Quilt top, being quilted as I type.

Today I babysat for Jace, hadn't seen him for over a week (Long time for me) and I missed him. So much FUN, we read some books, played a little "RUN" I sit in the dining room, throw the dogs ball, she chases after the ball and Jace runs thinking she is chasing him. whatever keeps him happy :). He is going to be 2 next month hard to believe he is that old. I bought him a really cute wooden barn. Someone at a craft fair makes them, painted red, the roof painted black, it has a hay mow and the roof opens so you can get to the hay mow. one side is completely open the other side has a little door on it. CUTE CUTE CUTE and there is a fold out fence that goes all the way around the barn. Taking to a girl to have her paint Jace's name on it too. Should be an exciting birthday. HOPE HE LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!! I will take some pics once his name is painted on it and show it off a little.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I made this for a good friend of mine, Nan Moore from Port Orange Florida. We have been friends for a number of years, she is a long arm quilter, a quilt historian, a quilt appraiser, a feedsack finatic, a horse lover, etc. I love quilts and quilting and am also a feedsack freak, she also has Twin Girls (I have Twin Girls) and one of her Twin Girls had Twin Girls. This was supposed to be a Christmas Present but I puddled around nervous about getting started on it and finally got it done in time for Valentines Day. :) THEY LOVE IT, I am SOOO HAPPY, worried it wouldn't turn out but it did. That is my usual dilemma, no self confidence to start projects, or to finish them once I start on them. LOL Story of my life.

Also been working on a few quilts, have two done for gifts and one done for Linus Project next weekend, hopefully I feel good enough to show up for that.

And also have been working on some rug hooking, have 2 little mug rugs done except for the finishing, again the FINISHING!!!!!!!!! hoping to get at least one of them done this week.

So what has everyone else been up to lately? Anything exciting? I am SOOO BAD about posting every day but I will try to be better. not too much exciting in my life to talk about every day.