Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quilt, Play, Babysit, Quilt, Play, Babysit, that seems to be my life lately. I have gotten 3 tops done, 1 for a gift for my Tax Lady, 1 for a gift for a girlfriends anniversary and 1 was supposed to be a Linus Quilt but I was sick and didn't make it to Linus Day so decided to donate it to the Local Library Art Auction. FUN FUN FUN. This is a photo of the Library Donation Quilt top, being quilted as I type.

Today I babysat for Jace, hadn't seen him for over a week (Long time for me) and I missed him. So much FUN, we read some books, played a little "RUN" I sit in the dining room, throw the dogs ball, she chases after the ball and Jace runs thinking she is chasing him. whatever keeps him happy :). He is going to be 2 next month hard to believe he is that old. I bought him a really cute wooden barn. Someone at a craft fair makes them, painted red, the roof painted black, it has a hay mow and the roof opens so you can get to the hay mow. one side is completely open the other side has a little door on it. CUTE CUTE CUTE and there is a fold out fence that goes all the way around the barn. Taking to a girl to have her paint Jace's name on it too. Should be an exciting birthday. HOPE HE LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!! I will take some pics once his name is painted on it and show it off a little.

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