Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wow seems like I say this every time I come here. LONG TIME NO CHAT~~~~~I  am not the best at keeping up with my blog. Wish I was better.

I have been busy I guess. Quilting, babysitting for my Grandson who turned 4 last month and babysitting for my Grandson who turns 2 months today :) FUN FUN FUN but they do wear me out and I am exhausted by the time they go home at the end of the day.

I have been reading a lot (winter in Wisconsin you know~~~~~~IT NEVER ENDS) LOL.  Just finished The Hum and The Shiver by Axlex Bledsoe and LOVED IT. Now I am reading the 2nd book in his series Wisp of a Thing and so far so good.

I started out this year thinking I would only work on quilting and my planners. Well comes to find out I am not a big planner girl. I am more of a lister and have my own planning systems that work pretty well for me so I am not going to get any more caught up in the planner societies. At least I am going to try not to. :) Keeping my roots with the journaling crowd :) seems to fit me better.

I also bit the bullet and hired an organizer to come and help me with my "Crafts gone a muck" LOL
so far so good with that too. She is amazing. Organizing and I don't get along very well and I am the 1st to admit it and anyone who knows me very well knows that is true.  So this is a whole new mind set for me. she isn't pushy, told me she isn't here to help me "Get rid of things" she is here to help me "Organize what I have without spending tons of money on organizational items".  And she tears into it too. Not one to stand around and tell you what to do, she starts and you end up helping. it feels good to get stuff in a place where it belongs and still be able to find it :). So that is my new adventure for the time being. we will see how it goes, hoping to get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. I am one of those instant gratification people (NO PATIENCE).

Hoping all my followers haven't left me in the dust :) Let me know.