Saturday, June 26, 2010


Such an awesome little quilt, nothing fancy, it is hand stitched but machine quilted. I LOVE IT. Think it is from the 1940's but am not sure, it has a couple of little spots that need to be restitched but other than that it is like brand new (smells and looks like it has never  been used) so this little baby is going on my quilt rack in my sewing room so I can look at it of pet it every day. :) And that is Dandy, our Rat Terrier who thinks the chair and the quilt both belong to her. :) Yes she is a tad bit spoiled in case you can't tell.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Block

Worked on a "Practice" block last night and fell in love with it, altho I don't have enough of the strip fabric to use for the whole quilt, I think it makes this block. So my plan is to use the same strip fabric in all 4 squares I use to make a block to add a little continuity to the quilt. So what does everyone think????

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have to finish the binding but I hope to have that done by next weekend, the long arm quilter did an awesome job and got it back to me super fast. I took it to a different quilter, my usual one was busy and this one comes highly recommended, the only thing I wish she would have done was the BINDING, my usual quilter does the binding on all her quilts by machine unless you request she not do it and leave it for you. So I am learning to do binding this week. Which isn't all bad since I have never learned how to do it, actually it isn't so bad, but I think I will stick with my regular quilter who does it for me. :) MUCH EASIER FOR ME.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Excitement is building

I took a quilt top I finished to a new quilter last night, she came highly recommended so I thought I would try it out. She called me today AND MY QUILT IS DONE!!!!!!!!! I am going to pick it up tomorrow after work, can't wait to see it. Here is a before quilting look at it. It can only get better right????? It is Vintage Linens and a Vintage Solid I had. LOOKS GOOD HEY!!!!!