Sunday, June 6, 2010


I have to finish the binding but I hope to have that done by next weekend, the long arm quilter did an awesome job and got it back to me super fast. I took it to a different quilter, my usual one was busy and this one comes highly recommended, the only thing I wish she would have done was the BINDING, my usual quilter does the binding on all her quilts by machine unless you request she not do it and leave it for you. So I am learning to do binding this week. Which isn't all bad since I have never learned how to do it, actually it isn't so bad, but I think I will stick with my regular quilter who does it for me. :) MUCH EASIER FOR ME.

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  1. Hey Jeanne, my sister and I love it to pieces. Great job girl. Go check my blog, Georgie is now quilting her top, lol. Silly girl, said she didn't know how to quilt...what was she thinking! Later girlfriend, Elaine