Sunday, May 16, 2010


I am giving away 3 seperate things to 3 different people. I am giving away some of my hand dyed wool.

First thing is a pin cushion kit and the second thing is a "Bundle" of 100% wool fabric, 3rd thing is some of my "Little Bundles".

I am sorry to say I can't do int'l shipping, wish I could afford to but I can't at this point, hopefully next giveaway day I will be able to.

I will pick a winner on May 21st (open til May 20th) by the best 3 answers  to these 3 questions. I am starting an etsy store so I am wondering

1: What influences you to visit an etsy store.

2: What influences you to buy from an etsy store.

3: Would you rather buy supplies or a ready made project IE: supplies to make a crazy quilt block or a crazy quilt block already made, supplies to make a small land scape quilt or a ready made land scape quilt, a kit for a pincushion or a ready made pin cushion.
Have fun on Giveaway Day!!!!!!!!!! And please come back and visit often. :)


  1. Jeanne, Congratulations on starting an etsy shop! I've been encouraged to do the same, but I can't seem to commit myself to it. Go for it!
    As a quilter, (machine patchwork and hand applique), I would be more interested in kits or bags of assorted fabrics, wools that could be used in a project of my own choosing. I'd love to do some wool applique, maybe a one-block crazy patchwork mini quilt which would give me a chance to work on my embroidery. I think small kits would be good for many people. (maybe thread included?).
    Why would I visit an etsy shop? If I saw items made from the kits and I liked the style and workmanship. So, I think getting your name and product shown around in blogland would influence me. If other bloggers and etsy owners mentioned your work, I would follow up their comments to your shop. I've read that etsy owners also advertise on their Facebook pages!
    What would influence me to buy form a shop? Quality balanced with price. Of course, you have expenses and your labor to cover. I might be interested in scrap bags if they were offered at a lower price (especially if I saw something you made from those scraps). I would be influenced to buy if a coordinated assortment of fabrics were offered in a bag or a kit because then I would be assured of having a pretty finished product.
    Oh dear, I've written too much, I know I have.
    This giveaway day is fun, though I'm entering only about 10 of them, because I feel greedy if I do more!
    Take care. I'll come back to visit.
    Kathleen C.

  2. Usually visit and buy from etsy at suggestion of friend or other blog or the daily email I get from etsy.

    I am sort of all over in whether I would buy. Sometimes, it is supplies. Then again, I would buy the finished item as I know I don't need to start in a different direction.

  3. I visit an etsy site based on a recommendation from my blogging sites..
    I prefer to order supplies and patterns and do my own completing of a project.

    This is my first year of working with wool so please enter me into your drawing - I need to add to my stash.

  4. Thank you for the giveaway. 1: What influences you to visit an etsy store. Curiousity - usually generated when I am reading a blog who is interviewing the person and has photos of the products - perhaps a giveaway.
    2: What influences you to buy from an etsy store. A unique or hard to find selection of quilting related merchandise at a reasonable price.

    3: Would you rather buy supplies or a ready made project. Supplies.

  5. Cute!

    1. I usually visit from a link on a blog or website. I rarely start out with a search on the etsy site.

    2. I've never bought. I would if it were something I really needed, but funds are tight, so it's hard to answer yes to "Do I really need that?" It's usually a want, not a need.

    3. Supplies! I love to make things. I would buy a project if it were something I needed and knew I didn't have the time or skill to make.

    Please contact me using the form on my website:

  6. ooooh, neat! i would love some hand-dyed wool!

    1) i like to buy handmade whenever possible, and i frequent etsy now.

    2) i buy things we need or can use for the house, things i can use to make things we need, or sometimes for pleasure.

    3) in general, i would prefer to buy supplies. but if it is something i don't ahve the skills to make, i might buy it!

    thanks so much.

    d brandon at saic dot edu

  7. I tend to visit Etsy because I love handmade and like to support other crafters. I only tend to buy supplies or patterns to make stuff myself OR buy artwork or things I could not make myself (like pottery).


  8. Presentation is a big thing when I'm visiting Etsy stores. If their pictures are messy with kids and dishes in the background, I probably won't buy from them.

  9. 1:I only buy handmade so any etsy shop that has a handmade item I'm there, specially ones that have cute little food, pincushions, bags, and patterns.

  10. I visit a shop because the have something I need or want, I get there because of their pictures. The pictures have to be good. Shipping has to be fast, with good customer service. I like to email my customers thanking them for the order and when it will be shipped as soon as the shipping label has printed. I buy both handmade and supplies. Good luck with your shop!

  11. Congrats on the Etsy store. I visit stores on Etsy that are featured in showcases or sometime I will do a search to find what I am looking for. I stay a customer because of customer service. Ship fast and have fair prices.

  12. often i go to an etsy store that's been referred by my daughter or a friend, or from a blog i've found. i buy because it's something i can use--a pattern for childrens touchy/feely books, quilt patterns, machine embroidery designs, or material. i generally am looking for pieces to accomplish a project. not sure i've bought a finished object there, but don't have a memory--have a forgettory!! have a great day

  13. I usually visit a etsy store because of a giveaway. I would also say that pictures are a big deal. I go for both DIY and already made.

  14. I think that a wonderful photo is the key to visitors at an etsy store. Because potential buyers cannot feel the object, they have to be drawn in my the photo. I, personally, would rather buy supplies than a finished object but not everyone is crafty. It would be interesting to know the percentage of etsy shoppers who are crafty types, though. I think the percentage would be very high. Good look on your new venture with etsy.

  15. Part of looking at an etsy store is the photos, but really, I spend a lot of time looking for specific things, 50's dresses, owls, and the colors green, turquoise, chocolate and amber. Oh and trees. I find the coolest stuff under those particular looksee's LOL!

  16. a lot of the time I visit a etsy store by way of a giveaway on one of the giveaway sites, but then if you have something really neat that captures my eye, like the felted dessert, cake earrings something really different, then I will place a order. and as for supplies or kit, I look for the kit first as everything is there and I don't have to hunt for that just right items that is needed...please enter my name in your lovely drawing, ladycolmn(at)aol(dot)com from Florida Gulf Coast area.

  17. I visit a store when I see a link with something posted on another site, such as a blog post with an item I like that is in a shop for sale.

    I buy when the price is right for me and the item is something I cant stop thinking about.

    I buy supplies and ready made, but mostly patterns or kits.

  18. I am usually directed to an etsy store by something I see on a blog, often one I haven't been to before. If the item is new to me, unavailable near me, or I keep going back to it, I will usually buy. For me, my purchases are usually fabric and sometimes patterns.
    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante [at] comcast [dot] net

  19. Lovely! I usually go to Etsy stores when I am looking for something or specific or when I see a blog that intrigues me. Thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck!

  20. I go to Etsy when I want something special. I would rather buy handmade. Sometimes I go at the suggestion of blogs or I just go to Etsy and search for specific items! If I'm trying something new, I want a kit. But I prefer ready made products.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

  21. 1. I visit an etsy shop, often inspired by blog posts. check out as an example of why I click over.

    2. I buy something if it is a great value and if I can use it. Like I often buy jewelry supplies on etsy, which I cannot buy in store. If it is cheaper on etsy than in store, I need to make sure the shipping isn't too expensive.

    3. I like the kits for lots of things. but then I also like some things that are complete. So I think listing both is a great idea.

    Hope this helped! Great giveaway!

  22. I think the quality of the photos will catch my eye to visit, also the tags-you need lots and lots of tags to describe the item so I can find you better

    to buy, quality, reasonable shipping and prices

    I would rather buy supplies so I can do it myself.

    I love wool please enter me for fabulous giveaways thank you

  23. Hi!
    I will visit an etsy shop usually when I see someones blog and like their work. Or when on the etsy home page they show the just listed and something catches my eye.
    I will usually buy when I like the item, it's different, and the price is within reason.
    I would rather buy the supplies. I can make most things (my husband say's I never met a craft I didn't like) and I like the challenge of making something myself.
    Thank you,

  24. Forgot to mention, Left Handed too!

  25. I'd love the wool... I'd like to try my hand at appliquing simple projects, and that would be perfect.

    To answer your questions...

    1: Usually, I see an interesting link or recommendation on a blog or message board. That is probably the most common reason I visit a shop. Occasionally, I will do a random search for something specific.

    2: This is easier. For me, I look for polished goods or styling. It doesn't have to be fancy - it just has to look like someone was taking it seriously! For example, good pictures, clear instructions/descriptions of the products, etc. Nice packaging is also nice. Again, it doesn't have to fancy or expensive, but having it presented nicely is very enticing!!

    3: I don't quilt - I'm a beginner learning how to sew. For me, I'd rather buy supplies than complete kits. That said - I could see myself buying specific kinds of kits, such as small beginner projects like the pincusion you mentioned. It would be a good way to try out little projects that have a variety of components (such as fabric, filler, interfacing, fusible fleece) without having to go out and buy a billion things that I only need a small amount of. I may not be describing this how I mean to - feel free to email me if you want me to explain further!

  26. Thanks for a great giveaway... LOVE everything Wool and would LOVE more! I think for etsy shops unique things that I can't get other places and price are the two factors that influence my purchases.... if it is a good price and especially if it is hard to find I go to Etsy to look and purchase

  27. Hello :) Great items and great blog! I usually visit after reading the owners blog and I usually buy supplies.
    Thank you so much for the giveaway,
    Elle8130(at)yahoo(dot) com

  28. Great way to get some feedback for diving into etsy! I haven't bought anything from etsy, so my feedback is from a newbie's point of view. But hey, maybe it's helpful it getting newbies to buy goodies. One thing that would influence me is the "store front" being homey yet professional. Something that grabs your attention (humerous picture etc), as I have gotten lost (lost interest) in surfing etsy when I have, as the slickness wears on you. The sites all start looking the same.
    Actually buying from etsy....I think I'd be influenced (as I am on ebay) with personal service (emails) and again that homey-ness. Also of course the price wars and competitive pricing. But I'll pay more at a site that I know I'm not going to get lost in the shuffle.

    As far as supplies vs completed item....definately the supplies. During this giveaway, I didn't enter giveaways that offered handmade items. Granted they were super super cute, I'll leave it for someone else. I get giddy over supplies. If you need further feedback as you get situated with etsy (I see you already have a store), feel free to email me and pick my brain as a newbie. You may have to push some cobwebs out of the way in my brain, but ask away!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  29. Congratulations on starting your etsy store! In answer to your questions,
    1: What influences you to visit an etsy store.

    Well, usually I visit an etsy store because I've seen their work on someone's blog or one of my friends recommended them. Sometimes it's because I've seen them in a treasury on the etsy home page.

    2: What influences you to buy from an etsy store.

    Basically, I will buy if I love the item, and it's affordable.

    3: Would you rather buy supplies or a ready made project IE: supplies to make a crazy quilt block or a crazy quilt block already made, supplies to make a small land scape quilt or a ready made land scape quilt, a kit for a pincushion or a ready made pin cushion.

    I very rarely buy supplies. I buy things that are already made, like jewelry or purses.

    Thanks for this giveaway!@

  30. ssorry but I have never seen a etsy store and m I do not shop on line so this is not good for me to answer. but I like this idea. carolyn

  31. 1: What influences you to visit an etsy store.
    The product, if it's something I'm interested in it. I also just love browsing what people make.

    2: What influences you to buy from an etsy store. THe quality and uniqueness of the product. How cute and one of a kind.

    3: At times I would rather have finished at other times I would rather do it myself. It would be cool to have some kits for kids to do. I love kits! But at times I do not have time so I look for a finished product.

  32. WOW, lots of great feedback and THANKS SOOO MUCH for all the ideas and suggestions. Funny I never go to etsy from blogs, I do go from flickr but mostly I search at etsy for what I am looking for. I wish I could give everyone a giveaway, HONESTLY!!!!!!! But I did pick 4 (YES 4) because there were so many good suggestions. DD Kendra helped me pick, so here are the winners.

    1: Kathleen C.

    2: GigiElle

    3: Nancy Sue

    4: Snowflakes to Hotcakes

    I think I have all your emails so look for an email from me soon. I will be mailing out the gifts Monday or Tuesday. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE COMMENTS AND PLEASE COME BACK AND VISIT!!!!!! I appreciate comments, ideas, suggestions, laughs, etc.

    THANKS AGAIN!!!!!! Hope everyone wins something somewhere.

  33. Thanks, Jeanne! I really look forward to getting my prize, and thank you for the opportunity to win! :-) This is so fun!!!