Sunday, November 29, 2015

What a busy week end. Thanksgiving was so much fun. WE picked up my Husband's Aunt at the Nursing Home (She is 97 years old AND SHE STILL HAND STITCHES AND QUILTS)  and brought her over. We had a ton of fun a 3 year old and a 97 year old playing go fish WHO KNEW it could be so much fun. :) We also played "Army Men" and built towns for the army men to "HIDE IN"

Then on Sat. we baked cookies and celebrated my Oldest Daughter's 32nd Birthday party. Baking with a 3 year old has it's challenges but we all had fun and the cookies all got baked so that worked out well too. We did cut out cookies for Jace to decorate, he ate 3 cookies before he frosted them because "YOU CAN'T EAT THE PAINT GRANDMA" LOL. We explained that it wasn't real paint and he could eat them once they were frosted so all was good.  Birthday Dinner went over well too. Home made Lasagna, 7 layer salad and Cheesy Garlic bread for Dinner and Dairy Queen Cake for dessert.

So cookies are all baked, Fudge, Brown Sugar Pecan Cookies, Amish Sugar Cookies, Spritz Cookies and Sugar Cut Out Cookies frosted.

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