Tuesday, October 1, 2013

String Blocks~UFO

Doing a String Block Swap on Facebook Just Us Quilters group, I think I have about 1/2 my blocks from other people. How fun. They are 8.5" blocks and I think when I am done swapping I should have around 30 blocks, Enough for a good sized quilt. These are some of the blocks I have received so far.

I guess I neglected to put the centers together correctly but you get the idea. They are going to look awesome when I get it put together. FUN FUN FUN


  1. Hey girl, I too am making a string quilt...someplace! I love the colors and using the bits and little pieces you would ordinarily toss. It's going to be heavy, huh? What are you putting on the back of the blocks? My bff showed me how to do these using tissue paper.

  2. I didn't use tissue paper, I wish I had tho. I used foundation paper and it is a tad bit heavy for me. Wanna trade string blocks or strings? blocks would need to be 8.5" but that would be FUN!!!!!!!!! think about it.