Friday, September 27, 2013

Cleaning and Organizing

Spent most of the day cleaning and organizing my 2nd "Craft" room. My 1st one is a big room down in the basement that I use for my sewing room, it is my "little piece of heaven" down there except for the fact that one of my dogs won't walk down the steps so he sits upstairs barking and whining the whole time I am down there, so that makes it hard to relax and enjoy my time down there. Anyway back to cleaning and organizing. I took the 3rd bedroom (I live in this house by myself) downstairs for my 2nd craft room, I put in some wire shelving like they use for restaurant storage, 3 of them, 2 big ones I bought at Target on sale for $35.00 each and a smaller one that I bought for $20.00. They hold most of my big stuff. What a PITA setting them up tho. It is really not a 1 person job putting those big things up, especially when you are left handed and Norwegian :) but I managed. Now I need a table that I can use for a card and journal making table, preferably with straight legs so I can get a couple of those plastic rolling storage units underneath them and I should be good to go. DD Kelsey came by tonight and I took her down to look at it, she said "It looks really nice Mom but you have way too much crap" LOL.

I know she is right so that is the next thing on the agenda, downsizing my stash of stuff. First I have to decide what I can part with. Hard decisions to make for me. I know I will feel better when I have enough room to store EVERYTHING I HAVE WITH OUT IT LOOKING CROWDED and still have stuff there isn't any room for.

I should take some pics actually I should have done some before (Altho it was pretty bad) and after :) NEXT TIME MAYBE!!!!!!!!! Or maybe after I get my table set up in there.

Recently I have gotten alot of card making supplies that take up alot of space so hoping the table will hold all my new finds. :)


  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog Jeanne....your craft rooms sound rally nice. Your dog sitting at the top of the stairs and whining reminds me of my dogs when I go upstairs....they all whine and howl like crazy...I'm always yelling down to them that I'm just taking a shower for crying out loud!! I was wondering if you belong to sams club? They have the neatest table on industrial table with a butcher block top or stainless...can't remember...but it has drawers and a shelf on the bottom....I think it is for a workshop...but every time I see it I think it would make a great island in a kitchen and I thought of it when I was reading about your needing a would work great! I'll try to find a pic of it and send you a link....take care and hopefully your little guy won't stand outside your new craft room and whine! :)

  2. Thanks Maureen, a link would be awesome and I haven't found a table I like yet. Well I have found a couple but haven't gotten one yet. :) And yes, he is a whiner and a barker. So I get downstairs to sew or something and he starts. I never know if there is someone here or he is just barking to bark but every time I end up running upstairs and don't get much accomplished. :) Working on that tho.