Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Lots has happened since I last posted, I bought a 2nd loom, (Union 36 to weave Rag Rugs on) I have moved to a small house in town, gave up country life FOR GOOD I THINK. It was fun when my Husband was around but when he passed away my Country Dreams went with him, too much work, too many good memories that have gone sad, etc. So my new venture is a 2 bedroom house in town that I have been "Making my own" for the past 2 months and am still working on it. Girls say the sewing room looks like "HOARDING BURIED ALIVE" basement is finished with a big family room (Which I use as my sewing room) and a 3rd bedroom which right now is a 3rd bedroom but will shortly be switched to my "LOOM ROOM" Ironic thing is my Husband and his Brother built this house when our Girls were babies. We sold it when Roger got sick, didn't want to deal with all the legal issues etc. rented til he passed away, the Girl that bought the house decided she didn't like "Small town living" so she sold it, funny thing is all this transpired 1 year to the date that my Husband passed away, think this was a "Meant to be" thing and Roger orchestrated the whole thing for me. :)

I don't need an angel on my Christmas tree. I already have one in heaven looking down on me, feel free to copy and paste this if there is someone in heaven you wish could be with you this Christmas

So that is my story for the day. :) I PROMISE I WILL TRY TO BE MORE FAITHFUL ABOUT POSTING and I just joined Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2012, right now I can barely find my sewing room much less any fabric (Remember it looks like HOARDING BURIED ALIVE) so I will have to do some digging to find what I want. Thinking I might do some wool and make a small wallhanging or something. :)

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