Sunday, September 12, 2010

I have been MIA

Sorry about that, summer is busy around here, gardening, flower beds, mowing the lawn, (Well I don't mow but it sounds good doesn't it). SO now that fall is just around the corner (HIDING OUT TODAY~IT IS SUNNY AND CLOSE TO 80 I think) I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I have been working on a denim/shirtings quilt, WHO KNEW IT WOULD TAKE ME 4 days to cut all the strips and squares. Now that I have evernthing cut out it should go to gether pretty fast. Here they are, aren't they going to turn out WONDERFUL. This is supposed to be a gift but the more I work on it the more I think it is going to be hard to give it away.

SO what does everyone think?????


  1. As usual, everything you make is so pretty, no exception! I love, love, love you need my address to send it to, lol? I like your style, cheers, Elaine

  2. Hi Jeanne! I tried to reply to your kind comment on my blog about the plaid quilt, but you were no e-mail Yes, I did use a foundation for the strings...muslin. Have a great day!